Spend Time with God; Leave with Miracles & a Mind-blowing Experience.

Life is tough, and oftentimes complex. You have tried your best in most cases but still struggle. Don’t give up! The Youth Sorting Out retreat is put together just for you. Let God handle what you can’t.

How Much is that Problem Costing You?

Most people struggle through life plagued with problems they can’t seem to trace the roots of. They have prayed, fasted, and sought the help of professionals, and spiritualists without any result. Some even have a relatively good life but the greatness they know they were born with seems to constantly elude them. Some are struggling with age-long addictions and the accompanying feeling of shame and low self-worth. Does any of these sound familiar?

When your life is out of proper alignment, you may experience …

  • Betrayals and hatred of every kind
  • Weak spiritual life and low desire for the things of God
  • Unexplained sickness and poor health
  • Struggle with addictions and secret sins
  • Poverty and lack of financial success
  • Promiscuity, adultery, and strange desires

The YOUTH SORTING OUT CONFERENCE makes it easy to overcome all the issues of life you are going through and find solutions to your pressing problems.

Our 3R Promises From God

At the Youth Sorting Out retreat, our 3R promises from God to every attendee are simple: Get RESTOREDRECOVER all, and be REPROGRAMMED back to GOD.

RESTORATION is a powerful and transformative process that can bring healing, reconciliation, and new life to individuals, communities, and the world as a whole. In the book of Job 42:10, the bible says, “After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.” The Bible equally teaches that God can heal and restore physical health. In Jeremiah 30:17, it says, “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,” declares the Lord.

RECOVERY: The word “recover” means to obtain again something that has been lost, or to return something to a normal condition. In order for something to be recovered, it must have already been in existence and in a particular condition. To experience recovery with God means that there are certain things in your life that have been lost, misused, or corrupted and that God is restoring them to their original state or condition. Simply put, in the eyes of God, recovery means bringing something back to the way it should be.

REPROGRAMMING: The definition of reprogramming is “the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to its true intent.” If you find yourself struggling on a daily basis to stay motivated or find meaning in your life, you might be needing a reprogramming. You were designed for your God-given identity to reflect in all you do, and when that doesn’t happen you need to go for realignment and reprogramming.

At Youth Sorting Out, experiencing these 3Rs is what it means to be SORTED!

Rev. Joe Olaiya

Rev. Joe Olaiya is a man of purpose. Driven by a vision to win souls for Christ, Rev. Joe, as he is fondly called, is dedicated to helping people discover their God potential and fulfill God’s plan for their lives, helping them overcome barriers or obstacles that limit them from experiencing their best life in God. He believes that the deep understanding and application of God’s word liberates men and establishes the Kingdom of God with its benefits in their lives.

He is the convener of the Youth Sorting Out Conference and also, the vessel that God used to start the Living Faith Foundation. From preaching the word with signs and wonders following– he has amassed over 30 years of experience in ministry; touching thousands of lives in all parts of the world. Wherever Reverend Joe goes, testimonies follow by the grace of God. Join him at the Youth Sorting Out Conference for total restoration.


All testimonies are personal accounts of the experience of each individual at the YSO retreat. They are only shared to encourage and inspire other people going through similar experiences to take the necessary action to triumph over their challenges.

Shawn Faqua

Actor, Model and Presenter

Sorting Out furnishes you with deep truths about God. You may be fighting a battle and losing because your understanding of what needs to be done is poor. Sorting out fixes that.

Nathaniel Bassey

Pastor and Musician

Coming together to praise God is always a great privilege, especially in an atmosphere such as this. Sorting Out provides access for people (young and old) to express their hearts to God genuinely.

Maje Ayida

Wellness Coach, Columnist and Speaker.

I didn’t know I needed sorting out when I attended. I was suffering from the after-effects of an injury and surgery. After Sorting-out, everything changed. I became happier and healthier.


Do You Have Any Questions?

If you would like us to talk to you and explain further how the Youth Sorting Out works, please kindly fill out the registration form and one of our team members will reach out to you asap.